Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hey, I'm adding a list of fiction authors websites and blogs to my updated Blog.

If you want your website or blog listed, please send your name and web or blog address to my email: and I'll be glad to add you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
Beautiful book cover and great site. I like the description of "muddled musings," and "fringe of infinity."
Congratulations on your book awards, and I wish you all the best on your latest wips.

Linore Rose Burkard
Spirited Regency Romance for Today's Christian Woman

Latayne said...

I'm intrigued by your new series -- what clever titles. And may God bless you in your multi-generational house. We have our daughter and son in law living with us too, and it is a great blessing.

Latayne C Scott'